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Not For Glory Nor Riches
100 years of the Royal Scots Club

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NOT FOR GLORY NOR RICHES - One Hundred years of The Royal Scots Club
Occupying three townhouses in Abercromby Place, in Edinburgh's east New Town, The Royal Scots Club has, over the past 100 years, established an outstanding reputation for conviviality and moving with the times. In 1963, the membership was broadened to include all ranks of the British Armed Services. In 1982, it was among the first all-male clubs in the UK to introduce women members. After The Royal Scots was absorbed into The Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006, the Club has further broadened its membership to the general public and successfully opened its doors for events such as business meetings, conferences and weddings.
Not For Glory Nor Riches is so much more than just the success story of a military Club which has adapted to modern times without losing sight of its original purpose, that of being a Memorial to the soldiers for whom it was named. It is also a history that includes some of the great characters of Scotland's Capital, the calibre of individuals whose Club you would most certainly want to belong to.

Tichowana the Bush Baby

Tichowana the Bush Baby
A Tail of Three Continents

On a whim, this is Roddy Martine's first work of fiction which he describes as a children's book written for grown ups.

The story line of Tichowana the Bushbaby concerns two bush babies who are kidnapped from their natural habitat in a wood in Zimbabwe and taken to South Africa to be sold on the InterNet. One is adopted by a famous singer and actress in New York; the other is purchased by the family of a member of parliament in London.

Thankfully, bush babies are currently designated Endangered Species so this could not happen nowadays. However, a number of moral messages are to be found in the dangers which the two animals encounter before being finally re-united - notably, the unkindness of removing wild animals from their natural habitats; the downside of irresponsible alcohol consumption; the power of loneliness, and the importance of self determination. Not least is the selfishness, cruelty and absurdity of human beings in a world which was created for all of us to share.

Tichowana the Bushbaby is a light-hearted plea for the co-existence between human beings and the glorious diversity of wildlife to be found on planet earth.

This Too Shall Pass
Reflections on East Lothian


Between 1883 and 1890, John Martine, a retired brewer, farmer and corn merchant wrote three volumes of reminiscences on the parishes of the County of Haddingtonshire. Classics of the genre, they chronicled in detail East Lothian's historic past: the families, characters, events and anecdotes which have moulded this agriculturally rich but often overlooked region since its early beginnings. To this end, the Martine family's East Lothian origins can be traced back to the reign of David I in the 12th century when Alexander St Martine was appointed Sheriff of Haddington. In the centuries that followed, his descendants emerged as tacksmen, clerics, tanners, merchants, bakers, post masters and doctors. Two of their number even served as Provosts of Haddington, and over a span of six centuries, family members married into virtually all of the old farming families of the area, from Dunbar to Tranent.

Taking all of this into account, Roddy Martine has embarked upon a voyage of revelatory discovery. Through family connections and old papers, he has brought his ancestor's history of East Lothian up-to-date with tales and anecdotes to embrace the 20th and 21st centuries. From John Knox, Jane Welsh Carlyle and the patriot Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun to Robert Louis Stevenson, the Italian impresario Gian Carlo Menotti, the golfer Ben Sayers and the painters William Gillies and John Bellany, they are all here with a story to tell.

The Secrets of Rosslyn

FOR generations, the tiny 15th century Rosslyn Chapel, on the outskirts of Edinburgh has confounded and intrigued historians and theorists alike. It represents only a fraction of what was to have been a larger cruciform building with a tower at its centre, but that great cathedral was never completed owing to its benefactor's death. Instead, this tiny church, originally designated the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, has fired the imagination. ...

Scorpion on the Ceiling

 It was a golden era, with Singapore becoming one of the most successful multi-racial co-operatives that have ever been known.
Through family letters and diaries, contemporary accounts, and interviews, the author pays tribute to the extraordinary courage of his parents and their compatriots - European and Asian - who were caught up in tumultuous events far beyond their control. In doing so, he provides us with a remarkable insight into a vanished way of life.

Supernatural Scotland

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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The Swinging Sporran
A light-hearted guide to the basic steps of Scottish reels and country dancing.

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Scottish Clan and Family Names
Their Arms, Origins and Tartans.
Forward by the Lord Lyon king of Arms.

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A Compact Guide.

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Single Malt Scotch

Time Exposure
Brodrick Haldane in conversation
with Roddy Martine.

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Living in Scotland

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The Land and the Whisky.
Foreword by the 10th Duke of Atholl.

Living in the Highlands
Foreword by 12th Duke
of Argyll.

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