SINGLE MALT SCOTCH by Roddy Martine.
Photography by Bill Milne

Published: In the Friedman Fairfax at $30 U.S. and Canada at $41.95. In Holland by Time Life Books, Amsterdam. In France by Editions Soline.
Fax: (001) 212 685 1307.

In SINGLE MALT SCOTCH, author Roddy Martine and photographer Bill Milne have combined their talents to produce a rich and sumptuous volume in which the romance, mystery, warmth and tradition surrounding Scotch whisky are brought to life.Within these pages, the reader will find:

  • A detailed and informative history of distilling in Scotland, including discussion of the various roles that whisky has played in the social and cultural development of Scotland.

  • A thorough step-by-step account of the actual process of making whisky as it is practised in the traditional distilleries of Scotland.

  • A "Whisky Tour of Scotland" that covers all the different whisky- producing regions, offering brief descriptions of each of the many distilleries that dot the landscape of this ancient country.

  • Selected recipes for traditional (and not-so-traditional) Scottish dishes from the best-known chefs of Scotland, including instructions for a complete traditional Robert Burns Supper.

    SINGLE MALT SCOTCH is a glorious celebration of Scotch whisky's history and of its place in Scottish culture and society, certain to delight anyone with a taste for the delicious, amber "water of life". .

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