FOR generations, the tiny 15th century Rosslyn Chapel, on the outskirts of Edinburgh has confounded and intrigued historians and theorists alike. It represents only a fraction of what was to have been a larger cruciform building with a tower at its centre, but that great cathedral was never completed owing to its benefactor's death. Instead, this tiny church, originally designated the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, has fired the imagination.

There is talk of hidden treasure and of religious artefacts concealed within its walls or in the vaults below. It is said to be the last sanctuary of the Holy Grail, and features in the recently released Hollywood film based on a best-selling international thriller, The Da Vinci Code.

The Secrets of Rosslyn tells the story of the Norse-Norman-Anglo-Scottish family of St Clair over 1000 years. It explores, but does not indulge, the many myths and legends which have grown up around Rosslyn Chapel. The author acknowledges the romanticism of other writers, but adheres to the facts. His findings are nevertheless equally thought provoking and, in certain instances, astonishing.

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