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TIME EXPOSURE - - Brodrick Haldane in conversation with Roddy Martine.
Arcadia Books. Paperback Original £12.99

IT is difficult now to imagine the impact Brodrick Haldane's photographs, taken in the 1930s when social photography was an entirely new phenomenon. But at the time they revealed a hitherto unseen world of gaiety and glamour.

Born into the Scottish aristocracy, Haldane was readily accepted into the best circles where others were turned away. After school at Lancing, the shy youth began using his vest-pocket Kodak camera to photograph his friends at parties in the London of the 1930s. Soon he was spending his summers in the South of France and his winters in Switzerland and Austria, chronicling the exploits of international society - the Queen Mother, the Kennedy Family, the Aga Khan, and Margaret Duchess of Argyll were among his better known subjects.

When the Second World War broke out, Brodrick joined the 83rd Battery and his experiences as Gunner Haldane are among the funniest moments in the book. Adfter the war, he settled in Lausanne as the guest of his friend the Comtess d'Antraigues, and throughout the 1950s mixed with the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Charles Chaplin, the exiled Queen of Spain and Noel Coward.

In the sixties, Haldane returned to Scotland and bought a flat in Edinburgh, where he was to hold court for the next thirty years. In the years before he died in 1996 he embarked upon his biography, and Time Exposure, the result of months of conversation with Roddy Martine, is a witty and charming portrait of an age peopled by extraordinary characters.

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